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We're really pleased to have been featured in the March 2013 edition of the Shropshire Magazine who interviewed us about our 125th Anniversary year concert series.


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The 100 Club

Running an orchestra is an expensive activity. The costs of hiring concert venues, paying soloists and publicity are just three of the expenses that have to be met. The income from ticket sales, players subscriptions and any support from outside sources are simply not enough to cover these costs completely.

Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra Rehearsing


To assist with raising money for the Orchestra, the Shrewsbury Orchestral Society runs a 100 Club. Two draws are held each year, normally in November and May. The cost is £10 per share per year, with a maximum of two shares per member. Half of the income from the proceeds is distributed as three prizes, the other half going to the Society’s funds.


We are keen to attract more members to the 100 Club, because not only does it mean that the Orchestra gets more revenue, but also the prizes are bigger! If you would like to become a member and help boost the Orchestra’s funds, and possibly your own as well, you can obtain further details and an application form from the 100 Club Secretary.