Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra

Shrewsbury Orchestral Society

Ben Goldscheider

“It was a great pleasure to play the Strauss with Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra. Such a supportive atmosphere and a joy to share the stage with thanks and hopefully see you again!”

Ben Goldscheider


Ben Goldscheider


Jennifer Pike

Jennifer Pike at Shrewsbury Abbey

"Loved playing the Elgar Concerto with you in the stunning Shrewsbury Abbey, thank you!" Jennifer Pike

Photo by Tom Barnes

2018 Concert Dates

  • 28th March 2018 7.30pm Clayton Hall, SCAT:
    Schubert’s overture in the Italian Style
    Dvorak 7th Symphony
    Sibelius Violin Concerto with Zoë Beyers
    Zoë Beyers
  • 20th June 2018 at Theatre Severn