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Ben Goldscheider

“It was a great pleasure to play the Strauss with Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra. Such a supportive atmosphere and a joy to share the stage with thanks and hopefully see you again!”

Ben Goldscheider


Ben Goldscheider


Sam Pearce

Sam Pearce


"John Moore and the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra were a pleasure to meet and perform with - they made me feel very welcome and accompanied the Mozart concerto with great skill and sensitivity. Thanks again for a wonderful evening!"
Sam Pearce



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President - Sir David Lees


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Cello at The AbbeyThe Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra (Shrewsbury Orchestral Society) is an orchestra whose roots go back for well over a century.



It gives concert performances of orchestral music in the area in and around the county town of Shropshire in England, while also providing a valuable recreation for its members.



Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra Rehearsing



The Orchestra currently has a regular playing strength of about 45 members, together with other guest players who are invited to augment it from time to time.



The Orchestra’s conductor is John Moore, Director of Music at Shrewsbury School. John is also an experienced composer and pianist. The Leader is freelance violinist Alex Postlethwaite.



Over the years, the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra has performed in various locations in and around the town. Its regular performance venues are Theatre Severn, the historic Shrewsbury Abbey and the Alington Hall at Shrewsbury School. The Orchestra normally gives three concerts each year, in late Autumn, Spring and early Summer, with additional ones on occasions.



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John Moore our ConductorJohn Moore our conductor



 Shrewsbury Symphony OrchestraShrewsbury Symphony Orchestra at Theatre Severn




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Next Concert 2019 2

Wed 19th Jun 2019

The Abbey


  • Opera Gala

The singers are from the North Wales Opera Studio, concert starts at 8:00 in the Abbey (not the usual 7:30pm), with a pre concert drink in the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, The Cut Visitor Centre (over the toad from the Abbey). Audience members are welcome to join us for a complementary drink on presentation of a concert ticket.

Jennifer Pike

Jennifer Pike at Shrewsbury Abbey

"Loved playing the Elgar Concerto with you in the stunning Shrewsbury Abbey, thank you!" Jennifer Pike

Photo by Tom Barnes

Tasmin Little

Tasmin Little photo by Melanie Winning

”It was a pleasure to play with the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra and conductor, John Moore.  The Orchestra displayed great commitment and enthusiasm and pulled out all the stops for our performance. Tasmin Little OBE”

David Campbell

David Campbell

"I really enjoyed the performance and I felt that the orchestra accompanied me most sensitively with John's excellent guidance from the podium. Best wishes, David Campbell"



Naomi Harvey

Naomi Harvey

"Sincerest thanks and many congratulations to all concerned with Aida. It was a huge undertaking and everyone worked so hard to produce a fantastic result on the night. Naomi Harvey"