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Rehearsal Schedule for Spring 2018

All rehearsals are at The Alington Hall, Ashton Road, Shrewsbury School unless otherwise stated:

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* = change from original schedule

  Tue 9 Jan 7.15pm ALINGTON HALL - First rehearsal back - full play through
  Tue 16 Jan 7.15pm No Trombones 7.15 - Dvorak Symphony 7 Movt III/Dvorak Movt IV After Break - Sibelius Violin Concerto Movt II/ Schubert Overture. 
  Tue 23 Jan 7.15pm  
  Tue 30 Jan 7.15pm Full with trombones and Timps if possible 7.15 - Dvorak Symphony 7 Movts I/II/III. After Break - Sibelius - Violin Concerto 
  Tue 30 Jan 7.15pm January 30th - Sectionals.
  Tue 6 Feb 7.15pm Full Rehearsal (trombones till 8.30 p.m.) Dvorak Movts I&IV. After break - Dvorak Movt III/Schubert Overture. 
  Tue 13 Feb 7.15pm NO REHEARSAL
  Tue 20 Feb 7.15pm Maidment, 7.15 p.m - Dvorak - Movement 4
8.00 p.m. - Break - Sibelius Violin Concerto
After break - Dvorak - Movt II and Schubert Overture
  Tue 27 Feb 7.15pm Maidment, 7.15 p.m. - Sibelius
8.00 p.m. Dvorak I & III
After Break - Continue with Dvorak and Schubert
  Tue 6 Mar 7.15pm Alington 7.15pm - Whole rehearsal on Schubert and Dvorak (Dvorak IIIrd movement and Schubert last) 
  Tue 13 Mar 7.15pm Alington 7.15pm - Sibelius and Dvorak (Full) 
  Tue 20 Mar 7.15pm Alington 7.15pm - Concerto dress rehearsal with Zoe Byers - Sibelius followed by work on Dvorak and Schubert.  
  Sun 25 Mar 7.15pm There is now NO rehearsal on Sunday 25th
  Mon 26 Mar 7.15pm Clayton Hall - Dress rehearsal, 7.15pm - Clayton Hall - Schubert Overture
Dvorak Symphony
Sibelius corners.
  Tue 27 Mar 7.00-10.00pm No rehearsal
  Wed 28 Mar 6.15pm Pre concert call on Sibelius. 6.15 pm - Clayton Hall
7.30 p.m. Concert.
(DJ with white shirt for men and all black for ladies).
March 28th - Clayton Hall, concert 7.30 start. Full call for orchestra at 6.15, pre-concert warm-up of key moments of concerto with Zoë, plus other.