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Rehearsal Schedule for Autumn 2017

All rehearsals are at The Maidment Building, Kennedy Road, Shrewsbury School unless otherwise stated:

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* = change from original schedule

  Tue 12 Sep 7.15-9.30pm ALINGTON HALL - First rehearsal back - full play through
  Tue 19 Sep 7.15-9.30pm Beethoven Symphony 3 - movements 4 and 1
  Tue 26 Sep 7.15-9.30pm Sectionals - Beethoven Symphony 3
8.45pm Full play through sections of Symphony
  Tue 3 Oct 7.15-9.30pm Beethoven Symphony 3 - movements 1, 2, 3
  Tue 10 Oct 7.15-9.30pm Full Nabucco and Rachmaninov to 8.30pm with lower brass and 4th horn
8.45pm Beethoven Symphony 3 - movements 3 and 4
  Tue 17 Oct 7.15-9.30pm Full Nabucco and Rachmaninov plus AGM during the break
  Tue 24 Oct 7.15-9.30pm TBC
  Tue 31 Oct 7.15-9.30pm Beethoven all evening
  Tue 7 Nov 7.15-9.30pm Nabucco, Rachmaninov full plus Beethoven bits after 8.45pm
  Tue 14 Nov 7.15-9.30pm TBC
  Tue 21 Nov 7.15-9.30pm TBC
  Sun 26 Nov TBC Pre-dress rehearsal
  Tue 28 Nov 7.00-10.00pm DRESS REHEARSAL with soloist
  Wed 29 Nov 2017 7.30pm 7.30 CONCERT in THE ALINGTON HALL
(DJ with white shirt for men and all black for ladies)