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Rehearsal Schedule for Summer 2019

All rehearsals are 7.15-9.45pm at The Alington Hall, Ashton Road, Shrewsbury School unless otherwise stated. Please access the school through the Kennedy Road gate for the Maidment Building and park on the School premises.

Page content last updated on: 03/10/2019

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* = change from original schedule

Rehearsal Tuesday 17th September in Maidment      October
1 – Full – Jupiter – Uranus- Mars
8 - Full -Mercury – Venus (No Trombones/Tuba)
15 Full – Neptune – Saturn – Starwars – Star Trek
22 AGM
29 Half term
5 Possible Sectionals – Tbd
12 – Tbd
19- Full plus percussion
26 – Full plus harps, Percussion and celeste.
1 – Full Plus Harps, Percussion and Celeste – Alington Hall
3 – Full Dress Rehearsal – Alington Hall
4 – Performance -Eve – Alington Hall

The Autumn Concert will be on Wednesday 4th December 7.30 pm in Alington Hall

• Also Sprach Zarathustra Richard Strauss Op 30- opening fanfare
• Star Trek “Through the Years” Michael Giacchino
• Star Wars - Last movement “Throne Room” John Williams
• Interval
• Planets Suite Gustav Holst Op 32

Autumn 2019 Rehearsal dates and Locations

Restart 10 Sept then weekly until Tuesday 3rd December

Half Term 29 October

Additional Sunday Rehearsal 1st December. (This may be held in the afternoon rather than the evening.)

Locations- Rehearsals will be in the Alington Hall, Shrewsbury School EXCEPT for 19th and 26th November which will be in the Maidment building.
Locations can change at short notice so please keep an eye out for updates by email or website updates.

Spring Term 2020 Programme TBA

Rehearsals restart on 7 January 2020
Half term 18 Feb 2020
Extra Rehearsal Sunday 29th March 2020
Concert 1st April 2020

Summer Term 2020 Programme TBA

Rehearsals restart on 21st April 2020
Half term 26th May 2020
Extra Rehearsal Sunday 14th June 2020
Concert Wednesday 17th June 2020